Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous

Created by Pelgrane Press

An anthology of horror live action RPGs set in suburbia with themes of food and consumption, written by Banana Chan and Sadia Bies.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

March manufactory
8 months ago – Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 03:04:27 PM

Hey all,

Since last we caught up, we've: 

  • the reports back from some playtesters (very positive, with some excellent feedback about text additions that would be helpful for GMs)
  • ...shipped out Banana's fruity artworks
  • ...moved forward with Sadia's spooky smoky updated pin design, which is about to go into manufacturing
  • ...reached out to a couple of editors (the one we'll likely be working with is on a yoga retreat, but we're looking forward to her getting started early next week).
  • a first look at how our toothy logo will look on the cutlery sets. It's cute and freaky, just the way I like it. :D
Cutlery preview

So work continues; we're on track to get the book into final layout in mid-April, and we should have layout samples for you in the next update!

Till next time,


Enamel Pins and Art Progress
8 months ago – Mon, Mar 28, 2022 at 11:39:39 AM

Hi everyone! 

We are making fantastic progress putting together the art for the book. Right now 8 out of our 12 full page illustrations have been completed! Here's an example of one of the finished pieces, done by Coey! All of our artists are creating truly spectacular and horrifying pieces. 

Art by Coey Kuhn

I have also been working to finalize the art for the enamel pins! While cleaning up the haunted house mockup, I realized it wasn't reading as spooky as I wanted. I added in some ghostly smoke, which I think adds a lot both visually and thematically! 

Design by Sadia Bies

I think this change makes the pin even more unique! I really hope you all enjoy it. 

All the best, and don't let the monsters under your bed get you! 

-Sadia Bies

Prepping the ingredients
9 months ago – Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 12:03:31 PM

Hey all,

We're making great progress in the Suburban kitchen at the moment. 

Sadia's busily harvesting their bounty of art. I love seeing the images coming in, and I'm sure you do, too - here are some sneak previews of what's in so far. 

Goat sketch by Coey Kuhn

Banana and Sadia have finished the manuscript, and we've got some playtesters testing the recipes in their own game kitchens. (If you'd like to playtest a game, and you're free to play and send us your feedback before February 15th, let us know by emailing 

A completed piece by Trevor Henderson for "It Is Hungry Too"

Banana told you previously that she's finished her paintings. They've already shipped two of them, and I'm trying to find a cost-effective way of getting the final one over to France, so that'll be on its way across the Atlantic très bientôt

Sketch by Moro for What Lies Beneath

Sadia's started working on their haunted house, too. We had a catch-up recently and I got a sneak preview of how it looks, which is VERY COOL. Kudos to the lucky backer getting that!

Almost completed piece by Christian Degn for The Eve of Y2K

I'm working with manufacturers to source utensils and poison vials, and getting those to our distribution points in advance of the books. I've also started setting up Backerkit, the pledge manager we'll be using. Once we've got the layout and physical dimensions of the book locked in, which should be in April after it's been copyedited and we've got a draft layout, we'll be able to get up-to-date shipping quotes and get Backerkit links out to you all.

We'll post another update for you towards the end of February/start of March. Until then, we'd love to hear any comments or questions you've got for us! You can either comment here, or email us at

Until next time,

~ Cat

Happy (toothy) holidays!
11 months ago – Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 12:42:25 PM

Content warning for this post: TEETHHHHHH

Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday so far! We just wanted to share with all of you some progress we've made so far. 

  • We're currently working with our artists to get the pieces together.
  • Our words are all done, we just need it to be edited.
  • Our media assets (video, weird audio clips, etc. to be used in-game) are all done.

I've also been painting up a storm and all backers at the Connoisseur level should have their paintings received by mid-January (they're already all finished). Here's what they look like!

I also did a smol painting for a giveaway that HyperRPG is doing for their fundraiser for the next season of KOllOK. If you like weird, experimental and scary actual plays, KOllOK uses the Kids on Bikes system and is about a group of teens who encounter some strange things happening in their own town. If you're looking for something to watch during the holidays, you can watch it here

This haunted piece is going to one lucky HyperRPG fan ;)

If you're looking for something to watch over the holidays, I highly recommend checking out the first 3 seasons of KOllOK if you want to dive into the latest season of KOllOK that will be coming out later in 2022 (but you don't need to to know what's going on for the newest season).

I'm personally also getting ready for my own Kickstarter published under Game and a Curry (please follow along if it looks interesting to you!): Deimos Academy.
If you are interested in a horror TTRPG in a coloring book that uses paper dolls, you might be interersted in Deimos Academy by Austin Knight, Amanda Kahl and I! Players are alumni returning back to their old boarding school for a reunion, only to realize their creepy fears are manifesting in the spaces they enter.

As it's the holidays, we'll all be taking a break and we'll be returning with another update in January! Thanks for your patience and hope you have a Happy New Year!

Thank you!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 08:37:19 PM

Thank you to our 881 backers and all the folks who have been pushing and boosting us! We couldn't have done it without your help. Because of you, we'll now be producing a hardcover, full-color book with a cool vellum dust jacket and we'll be working with Jonathan Sims!

We cannot wait to bring this to life and we'll be sharing updates the next few weeks/months on how the production comes along. The first thing we'll be doing after getting everything edited is sending the words to layout (by none other than the talented Ruby Lavin). In parallel, we'll also be paying our artists to do their full color pieces that will be added to the book. 

It was such a pleasure getting to work on this project with Sadia Bies and Pelgrane Press and we look forward to giving you more updates as the anthology progresses!